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Saad Healthcare has set forward a bold idea for inpatient hospice in the Mobile, Baldwin, and Washington County region. An idea that redefines what the setting for end of life looks and feels like for patients and families. A project that grew out of a desire to create something wholly different from any other type of facility in its region; one that is designed thoughtfully and purposely for the special environment that is hospice care.

Saad Hospice, operating since 1984 in the region, understands the hospice concept and has delivered care for patients and families in its community for many years. It is out of this experience as well as years in ownership of Assisted Living and Nursing home facilities, that Saad Hospice proposes a concept of hospice inpatient care that provides the feeling of home in a facility setting.

Designing this type of facility proved to be a humbling but entirely rewarding challenge. Saad sought to design a facility that created the feeling of being home while also possessing a character and identity that has its own uniqueness. Moreover, to create an atmosphere that produces camaraderie of shared joy and sorrow and one that brings peace and comfort for those in those in need. A facility that makes it easy to feel loved and valued.

Saad scaled the building to feel like homes with no long roof-lines typical of nursing homes and care facilities. The materials and site are in harmony with the surroundings. The interior provides natural light and is finished at a level rarely seen in facilities. The patient rooms provide the perfect setting for a family to be with a loved one, a place to celebrate the best of life, and to say goodbye in a way that is beautiful and memorable.

While Saad Hospice knows that the people of hospice, nurses, aides, chaplains, have the biggest impact; the company also believes without the right facility environment, end of life care for many is not what it could be and what it should be. Saad hospice is ready to serve the community with what will be one of the most beautiful facilities of its kind in the nation.

Understanding the Need Learn why our region needs a Hospice Inpatient Facility

Summary of Need.

The need for a hospice inpatient facility is a function of both patient preferences and market study. Saad’s proposed project was developed after studying the market data for Region XIII and comparing it to national utilization and trends as well as adjacent state utilization and trends in inpatient hospice facility design and care. Saad researched studies that dealt with patient preferences for end of life care including type of facility. Navigate through some of the factors that contribute to the present need for this kind of facility in the area.

Read the Letter from the CEO

Saad Hospice was established in 1985, as an Alabama based freestanding home hospice provider dedicated to providing caring, individualized care for patients and their families as they face serious injuries or terminal illnesses. Saad is one of only a few experienced and sufficiently sized operators capable of bringing a proven, industry leading, cost efficient operation into a new inpatient setting.

About Facility.

Saad Hospice worked in conjunction with Studio Sidewalk to design the facility. The design team sought to redefine expectations of inpatient facility design. The team wanted a space that felt like a home but also had its own unique presence that created an atmosphere where compassion, love, and community could flow freely.

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